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November 26, 2008


Other Mike

Not all of us Duck fans are fans of the Marxist. And OSU has a disturbingly large population of dirty hippies, just like Oregon. The politics of both schools are more similar than people like to admit.

Even if Oregon wins, Pac-10 schools won't have to worry about money. BO can just raise everyones taxes to make up the difference.


you can't spell LOSER without OS

dude, you are a dork.


or maybe another bailout for every school who didn't make a BCS bowl?


Duck fans don't need the money. We have Phil.

Here come the Men in Black! Wallop the Water Mice!

Michael H.

I'm not sure why you feel like insulting other Americans, not to mention fellow Oregonians, is good policy on your part. Clearly displaying your ignorance, both in a football sense and in the sense of basic humanity, just lets the rest of us know how seriously to take anything you write.


Each Pac-10 team get an even share of just over $14M for one team in the BCS (after expenses of the team are removed). This will be something around $1M per team. Additional teams in a BCS game adds $4.5M to the conference ($450,000/team). Do the math and you can see that each team stands to receive about $1.5M for having 2 BCS teams.

Ross the Prof

Even better. The point is that if you truly believe in "spreading the wealth", then the U of Zero should lose this game, in order that EVERY PAC-10 team gets a reward (even if they stink like the Fuskies or the Bougars). That is exactly the policy that NoBama advocates for. Spread the wealth to everyone, regardless of whether they have earned it. Whether you agree with the policy or not, it is exactly what would happen if the Beavers win on Saturday.

Have a great Turkey Day and GO BEAVERS!!!!!


wow, The Uneversity of Zero, great comeback dork

get a life!!!!

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