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June 16, 2008


Ross the Prof

Great article, thanks for the post!

I remember that 1990 world series, that was a tough one for me on account of the fact that I am a HUGE A's fan (my whole family is from Oakland) and the A's should have won that stupid series. I guess that is hard to say given that we were SWEPT!!!! Frickin Swept!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!

(as you can see, I still harbor ill feelings)

Ahh, but a few great things did come out of the 1990 Reds: Lou Pinella is the greatest manager ever!!! I loved him in Seattle, and love him in Chicago.

And Sabo and those goggles....who can ever forget?

And finally, Eric Davis. Man, in the prime of his career, there was no one better. But if memory serves, he was injured for that entire series.....

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